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  • Dr. Sally Ruskoski
    A Message from the President Dr. Sallie Ruskoski

    Welcome to the new ASCLS 2015-16 year. You may think I am a little behind but actually the ASCLS year runs from August to July. If you haven’t renewed your membership you will want to do so quickly. I will be sending out some exciting emails to our members. We are already starting to meet and organize our year. Our Board met at the end of August and elected Mary Worthing as ASCLS-OK New Professional. Mary was also elected to co-chair for our region VII. Brittany Jordan was appointed the Student Director for the 2014-15 year.  The website has been updated. The Society Regulations were updated and a copy has been posted under bylaws.
    If you or your laboratory have pictures or a story you would like to post on our website please send them to I would be glad to post them in our gallery or make a new page for your information.