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On behalf of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s  Procurement and Grants Office (PGO) and Center For Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory Services (CSELS) program, I am forwarding the below announcement to ask if you could post the solicitation on your list serve for sharing with possible parties interested in submitting a proposal to the below Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant Application. Below is a summary of the information interested applicants can find on the CSELS project listed in the SBIR grant application. Feel free to visit CSELS web site at: to learn more about their programs.



FOA number is PA-14-071

  • Mobile Application(s) for Guiding Appropriate Laboratory Testing for New Anticoagulants

Background: Clinical laboratory tests are essential tools for clinical diagnosis and patient care.  As science and technology progress, the number and complexity of clinical laboratory tests is rapidly expanding.  This presents physicians with significant challenges in ordering diagnostic tests accurately and efficiently.  The Clinical Laboratory Integration into Healthcare Collaborative (CLIHC)TM (a collaborative that came out of seven institutes on critical issues in clinical laboratory practice convened by CDC between 1984-2007) is addressing challenges clinicians face in selecting the appropriate clinical laboratory test.  With more than 10 billion laboratory tests ordered annually, the adverse impact of incorrect test selection is a threat to patient care, patient safety, and costly to the healthcare system. Mobile applications are one clinical decision support tool solution to this challenge.  Studies have estimated that roughly 80 percent of the nation's physicians are using smartphones and roughly one in three are using a tablet to help with healthcare decisions.
In 2012, the CLIHCTM subject matter experts (SMEs) and CDC developed and launched the PTT Advisor app. It provides physicians with a step-by-step interactive guide for appropriate follow-up testing for a patient presenting with a normal prothrombin time (PT) and an abnormal partial thromboplastin (PTT) result.  These SMEs and CDC are now developing laboratory testing algorithms to guide physicians’ use of new oral anticoagulants.  Anticoagulants are the mainstay of therapy for the acute and long-term prevention and treatment of numerous coagulation related disorders and events.  Across healthcare settings, anticoagulants have been consistently identified as the most common cause of adverse drug events (ADEs).  Physicians, and patients, will benefit from these step-by-step algorithms in mobile apps to guide appropriate laboratory testing for safe and effective anticoagulant use.

Specific Research Areas of Interest: The goal of this project is to design and develop an interactive mobile application(s) for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to guide physicians’ accurate clinical laboratory test selection for monitoring patients on anticoagulant drugs. The tool will guide physicians through sequential algorithms for appropriate test ordering.  The app will also provide additional diagnostic and monitoring information. The development of the application should include small-scale pilot testing providing feedback from users and evaluation of the utility and effectiveness of the application.  Appropriate laboratory testing will direct physicians in correct use of anticoagulants and improve patient care and safety.

  • Create an innovative, useful mobile app product on both the Android and iOS operating systems that has demonstrated ability to improve patient care through better laboratory test selection and the possibility to reduce adverse drug events for patients on anticoagulant medications.
  • Evaluate the mobile app based on feasibility, acceptability, ease-of-use and impact on the care of patients requiring anticoagulant drugs and make recommendations for how to improve the application based on the evaluation.

Impact and Commercialization Potential: Interactive mobile application(s) for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices would guide physicians’ accurate clinical laboratory test selection for monitoring patients on anticoagulant drugs and would direct physicians in correct use of anticoagulants and improve patient care and safety. Hospital systems and physician groups would be the targeted consumers of the app.
Visit the CSELS homepage for more information on CSEL’s research program areas

For CSELS programmatic information, contact:
Sean David Griffiths, MPH
Science Policy Advisor, Office of Technology and Innovation
Office of the Associate Director for Science
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Road NE, Mailstop D-72
Atlanta, GA 30333
404-639-4641; Fax: 404-639-4903
For grants specific, administrative information, contact:
Ms. Devi Hawkins
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Procurement and Grants Office
Mail Stop K-69
2920 Brandywine Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
770-488-2543, Fax: 770-488-2670

  • A Message from the President

  • Greetings!
    My name is Mitzie Miller and I am the president for the ASCLS-OK.  I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Oklahoma Chapter of ASCLS.  You will find that the Oklahoma is an active member of the ASCLS family.  We are actively involved in our governance, continuing education and mentoring of young professionals. I would like to invite you to cruise through our website and see some of the events that take place for ASCLS-OK members.  If you have any questions please see my contact information at the bottom of the page.

Friday, April 25, 2014
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ONE VOICE Annual Joint Laboratory Seminar
3300 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City 73112
Registration Deadline:  April 10, 2014
Early bird registration deadline:  March 25, 2014

0800-0830       REGISTRATION

0830-0930       KEYNOTE-sponsored by Abbott Diagnostics                                               AUDITORIUM
                        Confidence in Lab Results: Achieving Six Sigma Performance by Jennifer Shupp, MBA
0930-0945 BREAK

0945-1045       Flow Cytometry by Michelle Powers, MD
                        Quality Controls by Thomasine Newby, BS, MT(ASCP) sponsored by Bio-Rad
                        Vitamin D-What's the Controversy? by Karen Chandler, MT(ASCP)
1045-1100 BREAK

1100-1200       Coagulation Evolution: Assay Validation, QC & Related Topics by Richard Marlar, PhD
                        Hematology Case Studies by William Kern, MD
                        Porphyria by Karen Chandler, MT(ASCP)

1200-1330       VENDOR EXPO & LUNCH

1300    ASCLS-OK House of Delegates Meeting: Presentation of Student Scholarships and OKSSAMT Meeting

1330-1430       Communication & Leadership Style by Karen Chandler, MT(ASCP)
                        Transfusion Assoc. Graft vs. Host Disease by Michael Stevenson, MD
                        Case-Based Presentation on PBS Review by Teresa Kraus, MD
 1430-1445 BREAK

1445-1545       Impact to Labs of Recent Policy Changes on Laboratory Testing Decisions by Jeff Dunkel, sponsored by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
                        Microbiology/Molecular Biology by Mike McDermott, BS, Microbiologist/Molecular Biology @OK State Health Dept.
Clinical Utility of Troponin in Cardiovascular Disease by Jim  Aguanno, Ph.D., sponsored by Siemens
1545-1600 BREAK

1600-1700       Laboratory Quality Management System by Dinah Sanchez, MT(ASCP)
A Bachelor Degree MLS Program by Sallie Ruskoski, Ph.D, MT(ASCP)
Quality Controls Related to Regulations by Nita Sudderth, BS, MT(ASCP)
Pre-Registration Cost: Members $60.00       Non Members $70.00/ On Site registration cost =  $80.
***Early bird discount: take $10 off pre-registration if post marked by March 25, 2014***
“Lunch included with pre-paid registration”.   Please note any dietary restrictions.




PHONE NUMBER______________EMai____________
Mail with payment to:  Lynn Dunlap    115 Gambel Ln     Elk City, OK 73644          
Make Checks payable to “One Voice”
Check & for hotel info and updates!!

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