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Ravine Kiam is a senior at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Currently, she is attending the Saint Francis School of biomedical laboratory science in Tulsa, where she will spend the entire year interning in their major laboratories. Her drive for being in a medical related field developed at a young age when she observed her grandfather become a health worker. She will be graduating in May 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Medical Laboratory Science. From there, she hopes to get a job in one of the many departments of a hospital laboratory.

 She attended Jenks high school where she graduated in 2013 on the President’s Honor Roll. During her senior year of high school, she had the opportunity to shadow the cardiology and radiology department of the Oklahoma State University Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was the president of the school French club and was involved with various other clubs like public speaking and the pre-med club. Outside of the school, she also participated in her church choir and outreach center. From singing in the back to finally being the lead singer, Ravine always leaves space for improvement.

In her first year of college, after getting some insight from a fellow classmate about the bio-medical laboratory science 3+1 program, she decided it will be a good fit for her. In the midst of finally deciding on a major that first year of college, Ravine was also a member of the university’s Pom squad and always kept a cheerful spirit and bright smile when encouraging the university’s football and basketball teams. During both her freshmen and sophomore year, she volunteered at a Tahlequah middle school where she used fun activities as a learning tool to teach the students.  Always seeking for leadership roles, she was also in charge of the International Club’s public relations, where she use her communication skills to advertise the club and get other students to come to the club events. While always keeping herself busy, Ravine always finds time for family, who she considers her biggest support group.

Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) has always been an interest of mine, and now that I am finally in the program, I can say that this field is exactly where I need to be. Everything I have been learning, thus far, from how to deal with a patient abnormal CBC to how to call a critical result, comes to me with such an ease that I am confident in the fact that this field is the best fit for me. MLS is an ever-changing position which allows me not only to use my critical thinking skills in solving problems, but also requires me to be creative.  Throughout college I have always been interested in different fields like microbiology, chemistry, parasitology, and molecular biology. It was a hard decision to figure out what I was more passionate about to further pursue. I was so fascinated when I heard about the medical laboratory field because I had finally found a major that incorporated all of these different areas of study, and more, into one. This field plays a huge role in saving patients’ lives on a daily basis.

I would love to be a student representative because I would like to make a difference. Meeting different people in the field, getting some insight about their different experiences over the years, networking, getting involved in planning events, developing leadership skills and, more so, learning more about the field are just few of the reasons why I want to be the student representative. I am a critical thinker, a good team player, a very positive and good spirited person, and a good communicator and listener, which allows me to adapt to different situations and environments. As a student representative, I would love to incorporate activities to get MLS students more involved and communicate any ideas they may have. Similarly, I will make sure to communicate any information I obtain through events or conferences that could be beneficial to the students not just for the program, but for their future careers.